Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter mini Markets

So I made myself sick worrying about the mini markets for our community. I stayed up til 4.45am and slept till 6.45am. I am SO GLAD today is over. It's easily been the worst weekend ever and that's not because it's been the first in 12 years that wasn't spent with you.
Moving forward.
The ceviche wasn't a hit at all except for my family, who are familiar with it. I know I caught my Mum sneaking cups away to eat behind me, but that's ok. At least I know they were appreciated despite they weren't paid for.

It was the tostadas that were a hit. I only made 24 bowls yesterday and 23 sold. Bowl 24 was the model bowl for marketing!

Nessa made cake pops and sold them for $0.50 each. I would have paid at least $1 after all the effort she put into them, but she was happy with her 50 cent price tag.

The Cupcake King Jarom made his infamous cupcakes. My favourite was the mellow puff one.

Shai & Jeston.

The bouncy castle.

Dad & Ngawi.


It really was a good day. I enjoyed it. I told myself I was never going to do that again, but I probably will. Sushi next time. Mexican food is not appreciated by primates.
I tried to sleep this afternoon, but when 3 other people crawl into your bed to spoon and snuggle, it's not possible.

I'm so tired I have a headache.

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