Monday, April 8, 2013

About Love.

One of my nieces asked me about love on the weekend. We were casually sitting in the lounge and she asked.

“How many times do you fall in love?”
“Everytime you find a new someone.”
"You fall in love to grow in love. People are always falling, not everyone is growing".
"How do you grow in love"
"You commit to it. Work on it. How else do you know if it's worth forever?"
"Is that why you didn't get sealed right away?"
"Right. We were just being honest with ourselves in the event falling in love was a joke"
"It wasn't"
"Did you fall in love with Uncle Larry?"
 "Yip, then we grew in love".
"Richie McCaw or Uncle Larry?"
"Uncle Larry".
"Richie McCaw doesn't have a temple recommend".

Miss you, mucho.
Larry at 39 years.

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