Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Greetings from Earth.

Watching TV tonight I came across the latest Warehouse commercial where they advised, "Spend less on what you need so you can spend more on what you want". That's the most stupidest thing I've heard all week and I thought nothing could top my brothers billy goat they got this week and named Batman.

Then lastnight there were lights in the skies over Hawkes Bay.

It's funny that despite the great technology we have in cameras and HD Camcorders, we still manage to get pictures that make you think twice. Dunno why it was hovering over Flaxmere of all places .. did their google maps not tell them the promised land was 5ks south-west in PA?

Then theres our baby cooking.
We'll call her (please-please-please-fingers-crossed) LC - obviously!
Sister will roast her till mid September.

She's number 16 .. but I did see a preying mantis on Tuesday and the only one I can think of is Michelle.
Only time will tell.


Gilbert Gardener said...

Preying mantis! From the way you used it it seems sighting one in your tradition means someone is going to get pregnant? Tell me more. Please :)


Me said...

so wait are you prego or did i just never learn to read properly?

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