Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Markets.

Our community is having a markets day on Easter Monday. I decided to go with Mexican food. Everyone here is use to fish n chips and McDonalds and the one-hit-wonder Mexican Restaurant that was in The Bay, Holy Guacamole, lasted all 6 months before it became a Muffin Break Breakfast bar. It's bad marketing when you serve lamb and mint tacos and right across the street is a Turkish restaurant infamous for their Lamb Iskenders with mint sauce. Do your home work next time .. besides, mint sauce on a taco is about as bad as boiled eggs in a boil up.

I keep telling Tyler that if I win the lotto I'm opening a Mexican Restaurant where the old Warehouse was .. with a Mariachi band and everything! I didn't know how much I missed the waltz+accordion sounds that made up Mexican music until I walked through Pak n Save tonight and heard E I Po by Prince Tui Teka.

My favourite Mexican song by Pepe Aguilar.

First time I heard it we were sitting in Que Rico in Palmdale, CA waiting for our burritos. That day I had just received the news that Immigration was kicking me out of the country for not getting paper work in on time. When the song came on and I asked you what it meant, it was like it was meant to be.

Me vas a extrañar.
"You're going to miss me".
How perfect right?

3 days later I received another letter saying, "So sorry, we got your paper work. Welcome to the United States of America! Here's your green card".

I'm glad I never ever ever have to deal with the Immigration service of any country ever again .. unless I decide to make a US Citizen out of Hubba.

Me vas a extrañar.
Para siempre.

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