Friday, March 8, 2013

Birth Day.

It started off ok.
It ended like crap .. either way, I'm 34 25.

We had dinner at my Mums .. 11 of our 15 kids were there driving me bongos.
My sister came down from Auckland with her crew.
Two of three brothers already live here ..
.. that equals 11 kids of 15.
Look at hubba at the end (right) .. she's the cutest of them all. 

If the birthday Santa were real, I would have wished for 220k to buy back our families old home section that went up for sale yesterday. It's been out of the family for years .. it's time to come back.

Lotto night tomorrow.
I told my Mum that if I ever win lotto, I'm moving this house to her back doorstep so we can be neighbors for life.

Miss you this year.
If theres any a good time to have you here, it's right now.
I understand there will be alot of these moments and I'll hate each one equally.

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