Tuesday, February 19, 2013

School and other stuff.

Dropped 3 papers this week because I already knew what they were teaching me. I'm not a PhotoShop fan to start with, but the paper was basic basic stuff like getting use to the interface. The Graphic Design for Photoshop paper was just as simple. I know how to clone and the first 3 weeks in that paper has been removing power lines from a farm scene. On top of that .. I did everything in Corels Paint Shop and not PS. This is a fine example of not thinking about something before signing up.

Continuing with Auteur Photography.

Bokeh means blur. It's pretty common in photos, but there are degrees of it. The assignment was for coarse bokeh. 105mm at f/2.8


After the next 15 weeks .. I think I'm officially done with schooling for the rest of my life. The nursing buzz comes and goes, but it helps that I still can't look at the Hawkes Bay Hospital without wanting to play Scotty and beam the place into orbit and onto the direct route of a very large asteroid.

Yesterday I watched Madea's Family Reunion (2006). I don't typically enjoy the work of Tyler Perry because his storylines are all over the place, but there was something in the movie that stuck with me for the whole day yesterday and made me appreciate Tyler Perry 5% more than I did before the movie began.

"I have had the opportunity that few people ever get on this earth. God has blessed me to share time and space with a man that he designed himself, just for me. I have not only been blessed, I have been devinely favoured".

That 10 second scene made that 1 hour and 47 minutes bearable.

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