Thursday, February 28, 2013


Lately it's become a thing for everyone to migrate to our house during the day. It's something neither of us would have enjoyed before, because we appreciated our privacy. Talking about family stuff with Jeston today, we came up with a few traditions to start. Now there are three of us back here, four if you include Tyler who is more like a sister to us than the niece that she is, it's nice when we just get together.

We decided that Sunday lunches will be spent together after church. FHE on Mondays will be together weekly. Each family will have a week to prepare the lesson and on the 4th Monday of the month, we'll invite a family from our ward to join us. Once a month we'll get together with our cousins in the area and their families to have dinner. This will all be done at our house because all the other houses aren't suited (neither is mine, but it's the better option).

My brother said he knows when they overstay here at home somenights (most nights) that I get all anal and impatient with everyone. 4 months ago yes, but to be honest ... the noise and mess takes my mind off of everything wrong in my life even if it's just for an hour or two.

I kinda need them.
All of them.

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