Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I can happily say I wasn't ready to leave the nest.
"Camping" was an epic fail.
We paid $300 for a bach and only 4 of us slept there .. for one night.
It was paid for 2 nights and there were 10 of us.
13km on a gravel road. My poor car.
7km from where my parents set up camp to the bach where we stayed .. in other words, 7kms to the bathroom from camp .. on a gravel road.
Then there were the kids ....
This is what they did most of the time.

The babies had a ball.

Shai wanted to go home soon after we got there (I did too, I was just being more adult about it than she was).

The wind lastnight not only ripped apart my parents WalMart tent .. it broke the gazebos pictured.

One leg. Broken arm.

This is what they did for recreation if they weren't on iPods.

Paua .. Abalone .. it was too rough to get Crays.

View from the bedroom.

View from the lounge.


Unless you have wings .. you're screwed. That close to the coast ... all the arrow means is, "Swim that way".

Surf shots.

He only caught two waves in the 30 minutes I stood waiting.

Hubba did not like seaweed.

Jeston told me Richie McCaw had a house along the coast there in Tora. I was willing to stay another night when I heard that, but it was lies.

We all travelled home today.
Some people just don't go camping.
It's not in my blood. Neither is doing dishes and massaging feet.

Honestly .. I think even if you were here, I would not have been able to endure it. Always great to be with family though. Glad to be home. It always feels like you are here everytime I walk through the door.

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