Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mangakuri Beach

Another gem location I never knew about until recently. I knew of Mangakuri being the ideal spot for seafood, but it was great location for a Saturday family day out. It was actually a ward activity for elders quorum and high priests.
Only your jandals (flip flops) are missing.

Hubba didn't like the water at first.


She changed her mind after a few minutes.

Your footprints are missing too!

Leven, who is nearly a year old.



Stan the Man.


Just like they do in Mexico. We forgot the chili .. and butter .. and salt.

The babies.


Ngawi and his Daddy-O.

Good dayout.
I do dislike I am doing all of this without you, but it's part of the 'looking forward' process and time fly's when you're having fun. I pretty much want to have fun so time can fly by and we'll be together again as partners in crime.
Miss you.

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