Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013 & Happy New Year!

Groups for our ward are arranged in families to clean the chapel every other month. I thought I was the only one in the chapel last month when I started singing, over the podium, Madonna's "Like a Virgin".

Relayed the story to my Mum and sister tonight where it ended with the Stake President walking in to the sacrament hall to make himself known. All in fun and laughter .. albeit, not the right place for such a song, but it's the basis for today's post.

I made it through the wilderness ...
I took the year off to settle into my life as a widow and it's come to an end. 
I made it through.

I've adjusted because I know I'll have him again.
.. and your mine, I'll be yours till the end of time.

All I want for 2014, is no dramas and happiness. I've also retired my hand written journals and will blog daily for record keeping's sake.
Shiny and new.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Surprise Bebin.

My sister rings me, no kidding, easily 10 times a day, probably more.
I answer maybe twice.
She didn't ring today and I didn't think much of it, but took it as sabbath day assuagement.
Surprise visit from Beeeebin! They arrived at 8pm or something.

Let me explain Bebin, because some have asked.
Went down to Mitchy's one day and the kids were just getting home from school. My 9 year old nephew Jeston was crying and after much consoling, we finally got it out of him what happened. He said the kids made up a name for him at school and he didn't like it. It upset him. When I asked who made it up, he said his sister Nessa and my other nephew, his cousin, Waimea. When I asked the name, he told us "Bebin".
I laughed and this made him laugh. Then I started referring to him as Bebin.
"So Bebin, how was school today?" etc.
Now he likes it.

When I questioned Nessa about the name, she had the giggles, but their plan backfired because he doesn't care about the name now after talking about it and Shaily, ever the big sister, nicknamed Ness Meeba and it angers her at the best of times.

When Drayden-Reid was born we weren't allowed to nickname him anything. So I started calling him Bebin and every time I said it, he'd smile.

So now there is Uncle Bebin (my brother Jeston), Little Bebin (my nephew Jeston) and Baby Bebin (the baby pictured).
It all worked out perfect.

Baby Bebin is here to spend the new year with his favorite Aunty.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The last Sabbath of 2013.

I didn't know church started at 9am today. Every other house on the street are participating members of the ward and there are only 4 streets to our community and people still didn't know. Didn't help I wagged church last week when it was announced, but in my defence, the week before they announced the new start was after the new year. Long story short, I spent an hour at church today.

A few people at church commented on Hubba's dress, which in the picture is the first one from the right next to the stethoscope. If there's one thing I hate about Sundays, it's wearing Sunday best and I adapted a tradition where if men can wear the same thing every Sunday, so can I .. and I do because it's uncomplicated. If you knew the phases of Sunday morning via the life of Tyler, you'll understand.

The joy of having sisters with daughters is that you get hand me downs. Another advantage Hubba has is that she is the baby of the family and has a Dad that will pull the moon from the sky with dental floss if he could. I put all her dresses in her drawers, but soon learned that ish needed to be ironed come Sunday morning. Needless to say I hung them up in my closet and she has enough dresses to see her with a different one on at church for 6 months and counting.

I tried to head her in a direction where she'd like cars and trucks aswell as dolls and pink and as much as I pushed a Spiderman toothbrush on her, she still uses the Hello Kitty one.
She's a girl. A girly girl and I'm a little disheartened that she won't wear her rugby pajamas unless she negotiates lipgloss into the mix.

Someone needs to clean my closet.

Not my sister, she'll steal from me.
Not Tashi, she'll organize it with crafts.
Not my Mum, she'll burn everything.
Not Tyler, it will never get done.
Not Michelle, she might find her husband in there.

Friday, December 27, 2013


Impressed by the Chinese Lantern, Spanish Merchants came up with their own version of the lantern when they returned to Virreinato de Nueva EspaƱa. Also known as farolitos (and someone will correct me if I'm wrong), Larry described extravagant displays of luminarias in Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico during Christmas time. He always wanted to try it out here, but we never ever got the chance to.

We tried it out tonight.

Nothing much, but they're pretty.
I'll forgo Christmas lights next year and do luminarias.
Hopefully I'll have a decking before next summer.
A 30' x 50' deck should do.

Looking to 2014.

Now that Christmas is over, it's time to put some effort into the 'To Dos' for next year. My biggest to do is getting everything in order for school. This includes a set sleeping pattern for the entire house, getting Hubba back into school - which begins on the 27th of Jan giving her 3 weeks to settle back in - and adjusting to school hours.

I got my schedule before Christmas. I've been trying to figure out how it's all going to work on the days where school finishes at 3pm or 4pm. That's the biggest to do.

... and that change I mentioned a few months back?
Happened last night.
Keep watching.

Still sick.
So is the child.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Chrstmas 2013

Rough night being sick last night. We woke up early because for some unknown reason, Santa wanted to deliver Tylers Christmas present at 6am. Decided to open all the presents then took down the Christmas tree and packed it away (I always do this) before we all crawled back in to bed for a few more hours.

Hubba ripped all her gifts open and wasn't interested in any of them. She just wanted to go back to bed and sleep.

We had pancakes for brunch here. If I had had my way today, I would have cancelled out on everything because I'm still sick, but I needed to be a trooper for the rest of the family. Dinner with The Livians tonight.

I wish I was more enthusiastic today, but I can't reiterate enough how bad I feel. I spent most of the day at home alone sleeping it off. I could use another 10 hours of sleep.

Too much fuss goes into Christmas. The good thing about living here is that every day is Christmas, we always get together ... next year may be the year we do it in our own homes without eachother. This year was just a little blah because of being sick.

Goodbye NZ Christmas.
Merry US Christmas!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was cut short when I got all sick. I was a crap guest tonight, but I had to come home. It was just not happening. The food was good, but I can't even look at the pictures right now without wanting to purge.

There was more food, but I was too sick.
Tyler had to drive us home!
Cupcakes from The Henry's.
Better than Sugar Queen.

Hubba opened 3 gifts today while the choir (Shai and Ty) complained about the amount of gifts she got compared to how many they got. Nan reminded them that she is only 3 and Christmas is over for them because of age.
Thanks Aunty Ness for the abacus.
Her counting: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 9 10 9 10 9 10 9 10 etc.

Secret Santa from The Reid-Solomonas.
Not so secret if it's intended Harriett!
It's a money pot and I love it.

Still sick.
Back to bed.

Fail Baking.

It was a day of giving yesterday and we planned, in our house, to give gifts to 6 families in the ward. Got what we needed from town and came home to bake. 6 families became 4 families when I realised we didn't get enough to fill the plate.

White chocolate & caramel red velvet cookies.

When I burned a batch because I was owing on Song Pop, 4 became 2.

We based those two on distance.
The recipients were The Henry's and The Reids ... 4 houses away.
A, B & C Triplets!

Miss Leven.
Shai & Ty forgot to tell them the important part .. the big ones were supposed to be microwaved and topped with ice-cream.

And finally something funny for Christmas.

I must confess. I'm crap when it comes to baking, but I'm quite awesome at savoury. This is where my sister and I are 2 peas in a pod.

Carols till Christmas 24

Silent Night - The Temptations

Monday, December 23, 2013


The novelty of the popcorn machine is the best part. If we waited for the whole thing to be filled up with popped kernals, we would have been standing there half the day. We were patient enough to wait for a cup full.

These two.

This is what a cup will get you after 15 minutes.

Imagine it. Hubba trying to climb atop of Winston, the dogs, play toy while Rome sings Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball.

Mozzie season. They go for the ankles at the parentals house, so I asked Jeston if he would sit under the table with a citronella coil so I don't get bit.
"Ok, what will you give me?"
"Moral support and good cheer"
"Yeeesss! I saw that at KMart and asked Dad for one. It was by the Bionicles"

Sometimes nephews are stupid. Another example, and I know he doesn't read the blog so it's ok, his mother told him she'd get him a giant tech deck for christmas.
She got him a full sized skateboard and he fell for it.

Carols till Christmas 23

All I want for Christmas - Jimmy Fallon/Roots/Mariah Carey

Late night.

Somehow I contracted the flu.
Shaily and I have been watching Scandal for the last 3 days.
It's nearly 2am and she wants to start Season 3.
I fell asleep on the couch twice in the Season 2 ender, but she's on a roll asking about US Politics and Law and doesn't want to stop watching.

Christmas in 2.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A shoot.

I shot yesterday, sick. Helping my mother out in the rain during the week proved disastrous, now I have a hideous itch in my throat, congested with a gammy ankle, which I can't explain.

Everyone gives photos for Christmas.
Imprinted memories will aid as gentle reminders when age catches us.

They were a great bunch to shoot, not like The Craig crew a few weeks ago.
4 days till Christmas.

Carols till Christmas 21

Angels we have heard on high - Pentatonix

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Dinner Take 2.

I forgot to take photos of Christmas dinner 1 when we were in Auckland. Sister isn't coming down during the festivities so we had an impromptu Christmas dinner with them on Monday night. I was too busy avoiding kitchen duties to take photos. Someone had to look after Bebin.

The Farmers are leaving during the weekend to spend Christmas in the Wairarapa with Tashi's peeps, so we had our 2nd dinner tonight and tried out the round table. It fit 11 of us with room to spare. Tashi's chandelier.

Nganz pimped wheelchair.

Agee jars, candles and rope and you have yourself a rustic chandy.

The Livians. (not removing it Mitchy)



The Farmers.
Tashi roasted Manu the pig. Wild boar is good.


Shaily, Tyler and Meeba.

The Thanksgiving juices.

Chandy again.

The set up by night at the Parentals.

Hubba thought she'd be brave tonight and stayed with Papa Greg while I went late night shopping.
Thought I scored myself a new babysitter, but no.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...