Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving & Christmas.

I thought Thanksgiving was next week. It was over before it began. Due to a sick husband and study, thanksgiving is cancelled this year in rural Hawkes Bay.

This is an old english rose from our rose bush. It's huge. Just had to share that useless bit of information with you. Now your life is complete.

Decided last year that I wasn't putting my christmas tree up this year. It was knocked over so many times that most of my glass decorations broke. It also takes up alot of space in our small abode. My original idea was to paint a christmas tree on the glass sliding door (ranch slider), but I'd have to clean it off myself.

I went with balloons this year and made use of useless space above the fire place. Never ever ever get $2 shop balloons. Out of the 25 count bag, three didn't have holes in. Almost had an aneurism trying to blow up the long twister balloons myself (before I found a pump) and popped most of them in anger when I couldn't form a star out of them no matter how many times I watched the youtube video.

It works and it's out of the way. They'll all probably deflate within the month, but that's ok. This is proof that I had the christmas spirit in 2012.

Re: Larry
He needs to go back on haemo. This is just from my observations. Or else he needs a kidney. Tyler is willing to give him one, but I wonder about her sometimes.

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