Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Secret ... I don't want to deal with it this year, but alas trying to uninvite people turned out to be a son of a bee and we'll be having turkey on the 29th.

It won't be as extravagent as last year and I think we'll have it at Michelles house .. so when you read this Michelle, your table is bigger. I'll man the rest of the ship .. unless Mum lets us have it at hers, but then we'd have to invite the neighbors and they didn't make the guest list this year.

I just want a double double protein style from In-n-Out burger and I'll be thankful.
How do they make their fries!?


Crystal said...

oh man we went to the states last month and high on my list to try was in n out burger! And we didn't! I can't believe it never happened. I did try 5 guys though and was a big fan. What are your thoughts on Panda Express?? p.s your paella looks amazing

CamillaS said...

In n Out is great, definitely a must. There is one right by LAX next time you are passing through, I know it's more a California thing, but a few other states do have the chain. Panda Express gets a thumbs up from me. It's the upper class dining of fast food restaurants .. kind of like the La Porchetta Pizza chain in NZ is the upper class of Dominoes.

Crystal said...

I haven't even heard of La Porchetta? Don't think it's in Hamilton? But anyway I loved Panda Express! I thought it was awesome. We were in Las Vegas and Utah - Utah has them but somehow the stars never aligned...sadness. I'm very sorry to hear about your hubby in hospital : (

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