Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where's that baseball bat at?

I'm about to swing an out of the park hit. The biggest thing with PD is fluid restriction and I thought we were going ok until his stats and weight started to show off the mark readings.

I can't watch him all day. I can't lock my fridge just so he doesn't get contraband edible items (Popsicles and drink) and even though he attempts to educate me on how the amount of fluid in a Popsicle when melted is below his restriction, he fails I tell me how it all adds up when he has four of them over the day.

It's a baseball bat swinging day today and I'm warming up.

He was supposed to have the tunnel line removed today, but his weight told us he was overloaded and he'll be having haemo dialysis instead. This weekend is going to be the maker or the breaker of his dialysis treatment. He can't receive two treatments. They're pimping his cycler prescription today and if his weight is not stable after the long weekend, he'll be back on haemo and the tenckhoff will come out. Forever.

It's up to him.
I'm a bad nurse today, but he is becoming an unbearable patient.
Lucky I love the guy.

I don't wish renal failure on anyone. Not even Clay from Sons of Anarchy.

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