Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Louis-ville slugger.

I did not need it at the end of the day.
He got owned by his PD Nurse this afternoon before she shipped him off to dialysis.
He's learned his lesson .. I haven't seen him so quiet since EVER. Not even his Sandia Lab stories could have saved him today.
As they say in Maori, E Koe mofo! (minus the mofo).

Happy Birthday to Nessa-Nu who, ten years earlier, scared us all when she arrived 6 weeks too early weighing 4lbs.


Birthday Cake that Michelle made ... by way of Pak n Save.

Robyn was 8 on Monday and Ma (my grandmother, their great-grandmother) was 100 82.

The birthday girls.

Hubba and her desserts.


The Girls.
We have too many girls in the family .. this is a good thing because my Pops always said the boys in our family were pansies and I concur.



Seafood Salad for dinner with hidden valley ranch!

The Hawkes Bay dialysis unit construction.

School: 12 papers done, 12 papers passed for Level 3. 15 papers in Level 4 begins next week.

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