Friday, October 5, 2012


Welcome home Mr. Dialysis Cycler.
We missed you mucho.

Almost bought a new car this week for all the wrong reasons. Something kept telling me deal with the one we have, but I didn't want to let that slide. It all came to me today in several ways and we'll be keeping Max. I'd like to say I hate money, but I don't .. there just isn't enough of it and so, you make do.

One of my brothers works in the mines in Karratha, Australia. He makes some good pesos, but with 6 kids it's still only pesos. My younger brother is heading off *fingers crossed* to the mine town of Kalgoorlie. He too should make good pesos for his wife and 3 kids. Both will have schedules where they are away for weeks and fly home for a week or so. Big brother arrived home yesterday for his week off and younger brother leaves sometime this weekend. I understand why they do it, but I couldn't.

My mum bought a guinea pig today for the kids.
They lost it in an hour.
RIP Lloyd the Guinea Pig.
Love my family to bits ... but they're all cray-cray sometimes.

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