Monday, October 29, 2012

Tunnel Line Out

Early morning.

Awesome registrar.

Longer than usual surgery.

Smooth exit.

Line out.

Removing the tissue from the dacron ball was the hard part.

The gaping hole.

Had to be hit with local shots every 10 minutes to numb the pain.


After surgery we went to visit my parentals. My mum told me to feed the bird. When I looked over at Floyds cage he wasn't on his perch. He has a skirt around the bottom half of his cage and sometimes he's poking around the bottom eating seeds. I joked that maybe he was dead.
Long story short .. Floyd was at the bottom of the cage very much so dead.

RIP Floyd.
Now we won't have to vacuum so much around that corner you messy freak.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Larry & Leggies

Soul Mates. Both blind, both now rocking tunnel lines.
I skyped Uncle Larrys tunnel line picture to Allegra last night hoping she'd feel better about hers.

This was taken back in Oct 2009 a month before he was diagnosed with ESRF.

It's on our 2013 to do list to go to Australia and see Allegra.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dig Ophelia, consider it dug.

Straight from 1986, give or take a year.
Which one am I?
Center with blue. I'm glad my sister wasn't in the same photo. Despite being 20 months younger than me, our mother dressed us the same to avoid fights.

Te Mata.

Some people wake up to the smell of cooking bacon. Some wake up to the smell of brewing coffee. Here you wake up to the smell of burning tires.

What the neighbors think about the environment.

The weekend with Larry went fantastic. A power outage yesterday, gales, had us start manual bags. More fluid came off using the freeline solo bags than what comes off on the machine. I don't know if it's gravity, a poor pump in the machine or the fluid restriction he's been sticking to that's done the trick. Either way, the PD nurses will be happy tomorrow when they find out his weight is stable.

It helps that I installed a lock on a cupboard and put everything in there that he can eat in moderation. If it were out in the open, he'd down it all. It's killing him not having what he wants ... ironically, it's keeping him alive not giving it.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday night rugby.

The collapsing of a scrum should be treated the same as the rules for rear ending. It's always the person behind you who is at fault. I don't understand why the bottom person is penalised when you have all that weight on you that is obviously forcing you down.
Why, rugby god, WHY?

Possible that the undefeated All Blacks may come home just The All Blacks after tonight.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Labour weekend

Mid October is labour weekend for Hawkes Bay and it's tradition for the AMP show to fall on labour weekend. It's a carnival, swap meet and farmers market all packed into 3 days. It's been a while since I went (15 years) and I would not have gone if Tyler didn't have her assessment today at the show.

Much to my dismay, my 19 year old niece decided against nursing school and entered a  program with Te Wanaga Whare Tapere O Takitimu Performing Arts School. I've been pessimistic about her choice of education since the semester began in July, but after seeing her perform today I've had a change of opinion.

She really did do us proud today. Unfortunately, Uncle Larry, who she wanted there more than anyone, wasn't able to make it because of a harsh night on PD.


We've been telling her to shut up for the last month when she practised at home.

She was fab.

They all were.

The Pukana. The wide eyes and wild stares were used to scare off the white man when he arrived at the sunny shores of NZ. That's when our people use to be savage .. now we have McDonalds so white man meat doesn't appeal so much anymore.
Keep in mind .. it was the Hawaiians who killed Captain Cook not us!


... and here's a random pig that was next to the stage.

Only in Hicksville.

Despite that we sleep in later than the average person out here because of dialysis, my Mum is still my alarm clock at 9am in the morning on-the-dot. Typically, she beeps or sends one of the kids up to knock on the door. We very rarely answer because we're still half asleep.

Without fail she did it this morning not knowing about my 3am bedtime. Today was different though. She told me Michelle (my sis in law) and the family were carrying the trampoline down the street from my grandparents place to their new place (1km).

Yep .. I had to get up for that.


I hate you dialysis.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Louis-ville slugger.

I did not need it at the end of the day.
He got owned by his PD Nurse this afternoon before she shipped him off to dialysis.
He's learned his lesson .. I haven't seen him so quiet since EVER. Not even his Sandia Lab stories could have saved him today.
As they say in Maori, E Koe mofo! (minus the mofo).

Happy Birthday to Nessa-Nu who, ten years earlier, scared us all when she arrived 6 weeks too early weighing 4lbs.


Birthday Cake that Michelle made ... by way of Pak n Save.

Robyn was 8 on Monday and Ma (my grandmother, their great-grandmother) was 100 82.

The birthday girls.

Hubba and her desserts.


The Girls.
We have too many girls in the family .. this is a good thing because my Pops always said the boys in our family were pansies and I concur.



Seafood Salad for dinner with hidden valley ranch!

The Hawkes Bay dialysis unit construction.

School: 12 papers done, 12 papers passed for Level 3. 15 papers in Level 4 begins next week.

Where's that baseball bat at?

I'm about to swing an out of the park hit. The biggest thing with PD is fluid restriction and I thought we were going ok until his stats and weight started to show off the mark readings.

I can't watch him all day. I can't lock my fridge just so he doesn't get contraband edible items (Popsicles and drink) and even though he attempts to educate me on how the amount of fluid in a Popsicle when melted is below his restriction, he fails I tell me how it all adds up when he has four of them over the day.

It's a baseball bat swinging day today and I'm warming up.

He was supposed to have the tunnel line removed today, but his weight told us he was overloaded and he'll be having haemo dialysis instead. This weekend is going to be the maker or the breaker of his dialysis treatment. He can't receive two treatments. They're pimping his cycler prescription today and if his weight is not stable after the long weekend, he'll be back on haemo and the tenckhoff will come out. Forever.

It's up to him.
I'm a bad nurse today, but he is becoming an unbearable patient.
Lucky I love the guy.

I don't wish renal failure on anyone. Not even Clay from Sons of Anarchy.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Progress on the house. It's a tedious job when you have naughty kids.
Main room.

The kitchen with a block-out blind. The Hampton brands are on sale at the moment at Spotlight for 70% off. FYI.

Shai's room.

Son's room. He has a bed now and curtains.

Main Room.

The back door lock. For years the occupants were using a knife to lock the back door so the state of it was below average.


Their windows are custom sizes so the biggest block out blind was 210 .. the plan is to put curtains at the ends to make it look uniform.

The food pantry that is temporarily in Son's room .. take note of the top shelf in the pantry.

Tyler, Jesse and Shai.

Baby T-R.
5 months already!

PA League Under 17s won the finals yesterday at Bill Matherson.
They played Outkast and killed them. Contemplating switching teams next year.
I do like Outkast despite my heart being with MAC and PA.


I don't know what constitutes as being a high tackle anymore ...

... and this looked high to me .. but I'm just the camera guy not the ref.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...