Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time Travel.

I use to think that time travel was a crock until I looked at it from a different angle. If time travel were possible, I'd only go back to meet my family members. Instead, I pick up the journals of my grand-aunts and great-grandmother.

I can tell you why an uncle's marriage broke up back in 1974. I could tell you the weight of my, now, 38 year old cousin at birth. I can tell you what time my great-grandmother put the easter ham in the oven 50 years ago.

The last entry written by my great-grandmother was on August 25th 1975. One day shy of 18 years after this entry, her first great-great-grandchild was born from our line. Did she know that in 4 months time she'd die? The entry shows signs of an illness she thought was the flu.

The post after it came 3 years later, written by my Aunty Hop (When she was born she had club feet and the aunty who attended her birth broke her legs to make them straight and she had a limp for the rest of her life - hence Hop). I've read the entry several times before and always draw back to the one line that sums up my great-grandmother. (Highlighted)

I can't wish I knew her, because I feel I do .. plus, my mum told me her grandmother was a "dragon" just like mine ... unfortunately, it's genetic.

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