Friday, September 7, 2012

Ake ake amene.

Sometimes if you pray for a dumb thing, you get a superficial miracle.
Mine came in the form of Uncle Bills, the latest shop in town with nearly everything in it.

Situated in what use to be Nelson Park sports field, now respectively named "The Park", Uncle Bills can be found opposite The Warehouse right next to the bakery that sells dry lamingtons with a name that sounds Russian.
Uncle Bills.
Cheap .. plenty .. wholesale .. near expired low quality goods. This is awesome when you live in Hastings and your BFFs name is broke.
But here is why I love Uncle Bills.

Louisiana Gem hot sauce = Franks hot sauce alternative.
Real Fresh chocolate pudding = Jello Chocolate pudding alternative (although not sugar free).
Toast'ems =  Poptarts.
Bottled water for less than $3. Not Voss, but closer than tap water is to being Voss. I need someone to send an empty Voss water bottle so I can pretend I'm still in LA.
Also went to Breakers for lunch today and they were serving Hot Wings and calling it T.G.I.F Hot Wings. We stuck to our norm to spare ourselves the disappointment that is the absence of Hidden Valley ranch dressing in NZ.

I like home a little more this week because of Uncle Bills debut to a town that is still stuck in the 80s.

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