Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just stuff.

Larry has a Nephrologist appointment tomorrow morning. Next Friday he has the appointment with the surgeon. Fingers crossed he's back on PD soon. He has these welts all over his body at the moment. They look like bug bites, but they're linked to phosporus levels. His meds need to be adjusted.

Passed math.
It came as a surprise considering I haven't done math since I was 15.
Probably passed the Metric system unit.
This week is Lab Safety, chemicals and all that good stuff.
Who knew a lab was so complicated. The dialysis unit was complicated enough.

My brother arrived back from Australia today for his off week. He works in the mines in Karratha. It's so bare there they pay good money because no one wants to move there. Example: Subway workers make $1000 a week in Karratha. I've been telling his wife all week that she's going to have baby number 6 in 9 months.

Conned a treadmill out of my brother (the same one as mentioned above) by way of a guilt trip. Treadmill will be my new friend once all the M&Ms in my cupboard have been devoured.

I need an iced chocolate.
It's been a rough week.

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