Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tamales & Lobster Pizza (26/47)

Tamales is what I make when there is meat left over. Tamale's have become something you can make in a hurry here .. apart from the soaking the corn husks, everything else is quick to assemble.

We still have a few cans of green chili from Larry's Mom. I only open them on special occassions ... my brother poured a can over vanilla ice cream and gave me an idea about a dessert empanada with green chili, bitter chocolate and sweetened cream. That's how good green chili is.

Lobster Pizza .. it's actually crab.
We already know how pricey lobster is and I wasn't going to ruin lobster by putting it on a pizza.
This is a focaccia base from left over dough, lime infused olive oil (Village Press) drizzled over the base, mozarella, crab, green chili, mayonaise, sriracha hot sauce and italian parsley.

Creamy .. delicate .. tangy ... sweet .. spicy .. GOOD.

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