Saturday, July 14, 2012


I follow a few Kiwi photographers blogs, some professional, most self-acclaimed. All have great work. Lately everyone has been talking about what cameras they have. It's a great achievement being able to grasp as your own the latest model camera.

Frankly, you can have a polaroid and still take a better photo than a Nikon D3S. Good photography has near nothing to do with the camera.

This year I stopped offering maternity, newborn, family and wedding photography as a part of my service because there is no creative challenge in it. I don't want to be that kind of photographer. With Larry as my wing-man, we're trying out new things where photography is concerned.

Good photography is in the technical stuff. You'll meet your photographic demise if you ignore it.

I take my camera with me everywhere now. I get home after each day and charge my batteries, clean my lenses and re-read photo books for new tips.

The state highway 2 between Paki Paki and Te Hauke had a fence full of shoes. It doesn't mean the same thing on SH2 as it may mean in Compton.

First time entering the Anglican Church at Te Aute College. My parents lived just down the hill from where it sits on campus. It creeped me out for years because I'm use to LDS Chapels. I entered it today for the first time after looking at it for the last 10. It's a cute little chapel and is easily the size of two class rooms in our big chapel here.

Another sunset shot of the TAC Marae.

I've got use to the campus after frequenting the place in the last 4 weeks. Great opportunity to test out camera equiptment and tips.

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