Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Re: Larry

I don't know how I feel about the whole transplant thing. He is already a risk with his heart issues and it makes me nervous thinking about transplanting. I'm happy for him to receive dialysis for the rest of his life, but Haemo has taken it's toll on him and we're still awaiting surgery, now 7 months later.

Next month is his cardiologist appointment. They'll monitor his blood pressure for 24 hours to see what it does. His BP readings during treatment are all over the place and they're a little concerned about the mini-heart attack he had previously. I'm interested to see what his BP does when he sleeps. I'm pretty sure he has sleep apnea, which is common in renal/diabetic patients. I know I have to nudge him to take a breath at night sometimes.

We were advised on the whole death aspect of renal failure when he was first diagnosed and just recently we've started to talk about it, not because he feels it getting closer, but because we've had alot of death around us in the last few months and the discussion came up. You have to be prepared for something like death and in July, we prepared ourselves.

Larry's "send off plans" differ from what I'm use to culturally, but it's what he wants and what I've agreed to despite the fact that it's a little idiotic. My mum looked at us both funny when we told her. It's SO him though.

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