Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jalea - 23/47

Jalea is a seafood dish using a corn starch/flour batter, triple dipped on Salsa Criolla.

The batter is similar to a tempura batter. The triple dipping gives it a hard crust. Use a hard fish when making Jalea. I used Cod. Lemon fish will also suffice.

The whole dish is built around the taste of the salsa. Marinated for hours, you forget you're eating red onions because that astringent taste is very much so over powered by the lime juice.

Because of the tang that is lime juice, you'll be surprised to know that the familiar coupling of lemon and seafood should be omitted. Instead, an orange to cleanse the tang from your palette so you can taste every part of the variety of seafood that makes up Jalea.

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