Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flood Watch

We're on flood watch. It's been raining since Sunday. In the ranges, where all the water is coming from, it's been raining since Friday. If it floods, the water will come across the road, which is our only way out of here. It's all good ... this is why we're told at church to keep our store cupboards stocked up and I have enough spaghetti and baked beans to see me through the Apocalypse. I'm an hour away from pulling the kids from school, but I'm not sure I want to punish myself by having them for the rest of the afternoon.
The willows/logs from the school. You can't see the houses properly (enlarge), but ours is along the far back.

The bridge. The water is at the fence line. You can see how close it is to the road.

The other side of the road.

At the top of my grandparents drive way looking south.

Looking north.

I wish I could tell you why this guy is standing higher than the others.

We live up a hill. I was born and raised here and it's never flooded high enough to come up the hill. The only disadvantage of a flood is that there is no way out unless you have gills.
The rain is here til Thursday.

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