Monday, July 23, 2012

End of July.

A Summer Salad. (24/47)
Pasta is on my below average list as far as foods are concerned. I very rarely buy or use pasta. It's an insipid ingredient. I've been to Olive Garden several times to woo myself into loving pasta, but it all tastes the same. I would have used Casarecce pasta, but penne is as fancy as it gets in Hawkes Bay. I went over budget and purchased Tarakihi (Jackass Morwong) ... it's a great fish. One of those fish's that suit the analogy once you go black ...

So .. pasta cooked al dente (boiling for 8 minutes left in hot water for 3, then shock), green beans cut diagonally and zest of a lemon in strips. Dice & dust the fish with corn starch and fry in olive oil.

The sauce is unsweetened plain yogurt (600mls), 4 tbsps of whole grain mustard, juice of 2 lemons and mint, which I didn't use.

It was ok. I picked all the fish out and ate it and took the rest to Michelle, who thinks everything I cook is the best thing she's ever tasted. Next time I'd leave the fish as a filet, because dicing Tarakihi is just plain offensive, and place everything on top of it and eat it that way.

Thanks Jessica & Ken for the care package from the US today!

The candy corner in our kitchen. Without kids, it would last a month.
With kids ... 3 days.

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Laulu Love said...

agreed, pasta all tastes the same and only the big american in the family likes pasta