Monday, June 18, 2012

With love, Your Seminary Teacher.

To The Korongata Seminary Boys who didn't get the memo this morning that there was no Seminary. The same boys who rocked up to my house at 7.30am, banged on my windows and blew an air horn .. to those same boys, and those who sat in the car and became accomplices to the crime, we hope you enjoyed your cookies.

We know how much you love Pizzookies, so we thought we'd treat you today for the wake up call this morning and made a special batch just for you 5.

The tainted batch.

The untainted batch.

For the bad guys in the front, the good guys in the back.

The secret ingredient?

Your 2010 Seminary Teacher & Tyler.

Next time think about who you're waking up.

1 comment:

El Dee said...

Tsk tsk!!! ;-) Another great trick to play is this one, where you make onions look like caramel apples. The look on the recipient's faces is PRICELESS.