Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy June.

Welcome to Winter.
I love winter when it's summer and I love summer when it's winter. If it were Spring all year round, life would be bliss. The tree's are bare, it snowed last night somewhere and the southerly's we're getting make going anywhere an unpleasant experience. Lucky it's Tuesday and we didn't need to go anywhere .. except to pay the rent.

Larry is on a waiting list to see a cardiologist. We received this letter in the mail last week. It's a semi-urgent appointment and in public health that means we'll be waiting 6 months. Being in the public health system is ok in my book. No word regarding his surgery yet, so haemo dialysis continues 3 times a week and he still complains about the boredom. He can't have conversations with anyone because their chairs are too far apart and he still can't understand the Kiwi accent. (After 12 years I still have to repeat myself). If it weren't for cellphones and my hourly calls he'll go off the deep end bored out of his wits.

School begins August 6th. Exciting. The school offers a zero fee scheme for a limited amount of students (one of the few Techs/Unis that offer that here) per year and I managed to qualify. I'm happy about this. I wasn't keen on getting a student loan. Text books are still hundreds of dollars and I need to pay for those, but that's ok compared to the $8k student loan I was days away from applying for.

I cleaned my house yesterday.
I was trying to set an example for my two nieces who don't know what cleaning is.
The only thing they'll remember from yesterday is the yelling.
It was very liberating.

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