Monday, June 11, 2012

Family Home Evening.

When sacrament meeting turned into a circus yesterday because of our kids .. I had a revelation for FHE. For non-members: Family Home Evening is a night set apart, usually a Monday evening, to spent time together as a family doing wholesome activities.

These kids bring props to church. They talk loud with eachother, fight and encourage other kids to come over with whatever props they have, thus, turning sacrament into one hour of irreverence.

Even if you threaten a kid with death during Sunday services, they're not going to listen. So I thought to bribe them.

The idea of the activity was to have them learn to sit quietly, without props with a promise of candy.
Ness broke first (left) when she thought the whole idea was dumb. She's probably the worst of the 6.

We tried for ten minutes the first round.
It lasted 2 when Rome (right end) burped erupting unstoppable giggles.

Out of view I placed the candy on the sacrament table in an attempt to entice them.

Dad making faces behind the pipe organ didn't help.

After 15 minutes of being-reverent practise, we tried testimonies.
It was semi-successful.
If everyone in the ward kept an eye on their kids and didn't let them wander our way I wouldn't have to play ringmaster.

May I add .. it's not just the kids. I've had to seperate Larry and Shai a few times because sacrament meeting is not the time or place for a peaknuckle tournament.

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