Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Camera unload & everything else.

We found Gourmet Cakes one Saturday while contemplating what we were going to have for lunch. I got the Caramel & Oats slice that was pretty thick with golden syrup.

Shai got a double chocolate raspberry ganache slice.

Hot chocolate from Breakers.

Pizzookie with The Henry's.
Caramel & Milk chocolate in one, Double chocolate in the other.

Midnight fondue.

We haven't seen Carlos in a while on the blog. Let me tell you why.
She was weaned off of her binky and during this time she was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. For about 2 months she was a total a-hole.
She's all better now and we love her all over again.
When we weaned Rome off of her binky, last year, we simply cut it up. Naturally she was devastated. Yes it was cruel .. but it worked like a charm.

Made Ranch dressing tonight.
It was a very exciting ordeal.

Cultured buttermilk. Bestfoods mayo & the sachets.

Good for 3 weeks!

We celebrated the birth of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing in Hawkes Bay with Hot Wings ... with real Franks Hot Sauce.

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