Monday, May 14, 2012

The Stamp.

At a photography seminar during the weekend I learned about the importance of stamping your work for copyright purposes. I learned that the more bold your stamp is, the better especially when displaying examples online.
Place the stamp center.
Resize the heck out of the image. Never ever ever ever ever upload high res images.
Allow the person to enjoy and appreciate the whole photo by adjusting opacity of the stamp.
DO NOT sign with a little subtle signature unless you are selling prints. This is where I went wrong and why Tamatea Sports Club have my images in their club rooms without paying for them. My own fault.
So I put Larry to working on a stamp in Lightwave.
Not too bad for a blind man. I kept him up till 3am doing this.
He said I was an annoying art director.

This is how I was signing it.

This is how it should be, with even less opacity, to share online and still keep from having people copy.

Or this.

As for the sole occupant of the photo .. that's just Nazareth being Nazareth.

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