Friday, May 4, 2012

Re: Larry

A renal appointment today gave us the results from the heart test he had a few months ago. Due to a previous silent heart attack (news to us too), he has moderate heart impairment and this could cause some issue with a kidney transplant. His heart isn't pumping normally, xrays show scarring on one side of the heart and this wall doesn't pump at all. Arteries to his heart are also narrow.

During the time that he wasn't dialysing when he wasn't a resident, this is most likely when it happened. He doesn't recall having chest pains back then but he was also so lethargic during the time that I'm surprised he remembers anything.

His BMI is 38. He needs to be a 35.

He's been referred to a Coronary specialist for a angiogram, which is part of the transplant process.

We still opted for Peritoneal Dialysis understanding that this is not a long term dialysis solution. Haemo is too harsh on his body.

He has mild pneumonia. New Zealand winter sparks that up around the same time every year. His eye bled a few days ago, I'm assuming due to coughing fits he has, which put him out of action over the last few days. He's th 6th Spice Girl everytime his eyes bleed. Grumpy. Rightly so.

Currently dialysisng.
An ok result.

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