Tuesday, May 22, 2012


"If you can't beat em, join em".
When it's for a good cause and when it seems the right thing to do, I abide by that saying.
For two years I've been on and off about Nursing school. There are several cons, the biggest being time that I really don't have. The Pro? Since medicine is going to be apart of our lives for the rest of it, it just makes sense.

After a 5 page essay as to why I want to enroll, I start in Spring (August), and it's going to be OK.

In other news.
We're going Argentine this week for food. Mercados Buenos Aires was a restaurant we frequented in Van Nuys, they had the best empanadas. They also sold Havana Alfajores, which are fantastic.
We'll start off tonight with Milanesas.

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El Dee said...

Good for you!! I waffled back and forth about studying ultrasound and it's such a different field for me. I also have a sort of art background but it's not what I want to DO. Sometimes you just have to jump in and DO IT. :)