Friday, May 18, 2012

New Dialysis Unit.

Hawkes Bay Hospital is moving up in the world. Construction has started on a new diaylsis unit. As it is right now there are 3 parts for kidney patients, Dialysis Unit 1, Ballantyne House and the Renal House, and they're all on different parts of the hospital grounds so if you were to walk, you'd get lost. Example, the time the Renal House sent Larry to the dialysis unit from across the grounds and he was having a bad vision day and fell twice (this is what orderly's are paid for).

 I'm excited about this because those 3 places have become apart of our lives and if anything, it creates a one-stop shop for renal patients. Every renal house visitor will agree that the right turn from Canning Rd onto Omahu Rd is a car wreck waiting to happen. The number of dialysis patients are rising in The Bay and it surprises me when I hear stories from our nurses about people who miss treatments and come in days or weeks later bloated and feeling like crap. It's laziness and people, especially my polynesian compadres, who just don't listen. Another example. Dude hadn't been in for 3 weeks to dialyze. He appeared after 3 weeks for what should have been a 5 hour treatment, asked to leave early because he was dying for a smoke .. dropped dead when he got home. True story.

This is why I'm absolutely anal about Larry not missing a day and we have had several heated discussions when, on the odd day, he wakes up and tells me he just "doesn't feel like going today" .. right .. I don't feel like being a widow when we have the means to delay death.

I have a great appreciation for the dialysis nurses/technicians at the Hawkes Bay Hospital who put up with people who waste their time.

Off topic.
We send big big loves to the family in New Mexico. Larry's step-dad Hal passed last week and they'll be celebrating his life in a send off this weekend. As my aunty said a week before she died, "I had good innings".
Hal did too. He did everything!
Via Con Dios Hal!

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