Sunday, May 27, 2012

Larell's 4th Birthday

My sister is a Drill Sergeant little neurotic.
She's been planning this birthday for about 2 months. I thought planning my weeks meals ahead of time was weird. I am a weakling in comparison.

The birthday girl. She's #2 of 4 kids born the same year just from my siblings.

This is the Dolly Varden cake the birthday was planned around. 3 choc german cakes dowelled together to form the skirt, between each layer was pink german cake frosting with my sisters signature marshmallow frosting on top. (I would have used buttercream).

If you were to ask Larry one thing that he remembered more than anything else during the worst times of his initial dialysis treatments during our 12 weeks stay in Auckland .. it would be this boys scream. He has grown up since then and only screams sometimes and not all the time.

The birthday girl with her Mum.

Trampoline kids.

The Pinata.

I forgot I was supposed to buy the candles and when we didn't have any this morning, I had fireworks all ready to go. Someone saved the day.

Inner cake.

Little Miss Horrible woke up half way through the celebrations and spent most of the time stealing soda's and popping balloons.

Good day.
Glad it's over.

Didn't make rugby today for 2 reasons. (MAC lost to Pirates 13-18 - not a bad score though)
1. The Birthday and
2. Something is up with my back and I feel like a 90 year old grandma slouched over in pain.
Postponed 2 photoshoots because of it.
Hello codeine.
Goodnight world.

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