Thursday, May 3, 2012

First Thursday in May.

Now I'm not normally stupid, but today I did something to put myself in that category.
I'm slowly trying to get away from people photography so when I woke up this morning I wanted to go out and shoot some landscapes. I couldn't immediately think of anywhere so I decided to go for a drive and I took a road just on the otherside of Fernhill heading towards Taihape.

40 minutes of driving and no dice. I started to get nervous because I had taken a few turns and my GPS was at home in the closet. My passengers had fallen asleep by the time I started to think about how we were going to open the one can of spaghetti that rolled under my seat two years ago after grocery shopping and just as I was contemplating how to make a tent out of two jackets and iPod earphones, I saw my shots.
We were near the Kaweka ranges. My Dad's place is across the river, but there are no bridges across .. at all.

I was standing against a fence when Larry woke up and asked me what I was doing and I told him I was about to pull some Bear Grylls advice out of my butt. I was trying to get google maps on my blackberry. No reception.

It gave me an appreciation for the small 10km distance we live from town. I thought this was rural ... rural is where we got lost this afternoon.

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