Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End of May 2012

My 28-105mm wasn't working properly .. 3 months ago.
Something inside was rattling.

Found the rattlers.

Now I need a new 28-105mm ...

Snow in the Rimutaka's has sent chilly southerly's our way and despite the sun shining all day today, the temperature was a constant 8°C. We're out of Milo (Shai eats it dry while I'm not looking), so used Cadbury's Caramel Chocolate. Add some vanilla essense to it and it will take away the hideous taste that is immitation caramel.

These mugs are older than me (33 25). They belonged to my great-grandmother and out of the set of 6 mugs and one jug .. there are only these two left.

Sided with Arnotts Crownes, which are WAY better that Griffins Toffee Pops.
For rizzle.
That's my passport application at the back there. Mine expired in January.
John Key, NZs Prime Minister who I voted for and am not sure why anymore, has decided that it's a great idea to restrict people with student loan debts from leaving the country until the loans are paid off, so .. no payment, no passport.

Perhaps more jobs in NZ would help sir? Then everyone wouldn't jump the ditch to Australia where there are jobs.
Before he puts that law in action ... I'll renew.
He also wants Restricted License holders to display R plates on their cars to make other motorists aware that R means, "Be careful, I'm a new driver". I'm ok with this potential new rule.

Larry, my Mum and my Aunty Vi(mums sister), are all the same age.
My Mum will be 53 on Friday. We thought of taking her out to dinner somewhere nice, but Larry reminded me that we all have a streak that stems from her. We're an anti-social bunch.
In her favor, I'm planning something at home with just us.
It requires candles and skewers.
She's the best Mum in the world and she is a-ok with freeloading offspring.

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