Monday, May 28, 2012

The 27th - Re: Larry

Weekend windup.


Sister & Jasiah.

Three monkeys.



Re: Larry
Received the confirmation letter that he's been refered to the cardiologist for the heart issue.
Still on Haemo.
Still awaiting a surgery date.
The worst part of the dialysis is the boredom, he says. Because he can't use the iPod that well (vision), the only solace he has apart from sleep, is when I call him to chat.
Thank goodness for cellphones .. and arificial kidneys.


El Dee said...

How about audiobooks on the ipod? I never have time to read but with the audiobooks I've "read" so, so many books. I use (which is part of and have really been pleased with it. :)

CamillaS said...

His eye sight makes him hard to work the ipod now, because of the size. The whole sliding and tapping thing is not his forte ;)