Saturday, April 21, 2012

The US of A.

Two of my cousins are heading to the USA next month. They'll be hitting LA and Las Vegas. They're more in it for the nightlife, shopping and eating as opposed to sight seeing and this is ok, I get that.
Larry doesn't.

He tried to sell the Redwood National Forest to them aswell as the Grand Canyon, but they're young chicks on a mission. I'd rather see a last season Prada bag on special with a severe hangover than a tree with a trunk the size of my house too if I were young and single - minus the hangover.

All this talk about the US opened the door for Larry to let me know that he'd like to attend Siggraph 2012, which I believe is in Los Angeles this year. Based on three things, 1. His current dialysis situation 2. Finances and 3. My un-surrendered green card, the man is dreaming.

I like the idea in theory.

I decided, a few months ago, that I was going to tell the whole story to the US Embassy on his health issue and the reason for my lapsed visa in the hope that it will be reinstated based on circumstances that kept us from returning to the US within the year to re-validate the card. It's worth the try, if not .. simply surrending it will allow me re-entrace back into the US as a visitor. It would just mean that should we ever decide to move back (and I'd love to one day), we'd have to go through the residency process all over again. If my residency was still valid, I would have been able to apply for citizenship because 2012 would have marked the 5 years of being a permanent resident.

All this Siggraph talk has sprung from the fact that his eye sight is doing good things at the moment and he opened up Lightwave (9) the other day and tried it out. Some will have noticed that he is becoming more active in his online life too. The Opthamologist said his eye sight won't get any better from here on out and with that information, he's using what vision he does have to get back into it. We'll upgrade to LW11 soon enough.

With the dialysis situation. If he were on peritoneal dialysis, we could have easily taken a few days worth of bags with us to do manual treatments. He said a week long in Los Angeles at Siggraph would be worth a week without dialysis. Tell that to your kidneys buddy on day 3 when you're fluid filled. It is possible to last a week without dialysing .. but it won't be a pretty week. His charge nurse, Rob, talked to him during the week about speeding up the surgery date. Rob thinks 4 - 6 months is idiotic when it's been 4 months since the removal surgery. We have a Renal appointment on the 4th of May with a visiting Nephrologist. Since being in the public health system, this will be the 4th one we've seen.

It's a sunny day in The Bay today.
Havelock will beat MAC this afternoon I can guarantee it. Hoping MAC have something up their sleeve this afternoon and bring it.

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