Saturday, April 28, 2012

US Candy & LW

There's a shop in Napier called Humbugs that sells US confectionary overpriced.
Worth it. Jolly Ranchers are Larry's favourite. After shopping I drove to the dialysis unit and had my niece run in and pop one into his pie hole. The twinkies were a year off their expiration. I've never liked them, but everyone else did.
There's a store in NZ, United Sweets of NZ, with US candy equally overpriced, but I do miss Funyuns. It was $25 NZD for this.

It's been decided I need to learn LW. I tried to make a spaceship the other day based on a picture I found on google. It looked like an ice-cream cone. I do like the dark interface of LW11, Larry changed it back to the light grey color, it's better on his eye. He's very happy with LW11 and told me a few days ago that he was nervous getting back into it because he hadn't touched LW in 2 years and thought that during his worst sick times, he'd forgotten alot .. but no.
If you had asked me 6 years ago how I felt about LW, I would have told you LW was the mistress in my marriage and the reason I never saw my husband.
If you can't beat em ...

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