Friday, April 20, 2012

Peanut/Walnut Brittle

Bless Facebook and it's free advertising ways.
I make peanut brittle .. it's a recipe from my Uncle, who has sinced passed, and the method is super-dee-duper secret. I had someone from the community approach me during the week asking for an order. You have to make a big order because of the pot used, so I had to sell off the rest.

His recipe was specifically for peanut brittle, but I have a cupboard full of different fruit essence flavors and worked my magic. Result: Banana Walnut Brittle. It's the best seller.

The one night of advertising on Facebook bought $300 worth of orders ... as far as Australia.

It's walnut season ... the nut crackers.

It's all about temperature.

The *big*secret is at this point of cooking and it's a secret I got, posthumously, from my Uncle by simply looking more closely at the pot and figuring it out.

The other secret is the marble slab (thanks to the NZ temple and it's rennovations back in 1996).

I have a few more orders to complete.
The flu came to me overnight and I can't risk contamination.
It's unhygenic.

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