Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Houston, we have a problem.

Bleeding in the eye over the last month has been due to high pressure. A new prescription was given today for that. The bits floating around in his eye, that obstructs his vision more than anything else, is old blood and built up gel.

He wants surgery to have this removed so he can potentially see better.
I do not want him to have the surgery. At all.

There's a 5% chance the surgery won't work out. They gave the same percentage before they operated on the other eye and look what happened.

He wants to get back into working. He misses it. He's not resigning himself to living in the state he is currently living and his quality of life is distressing him somewhat. We can't go out to too many places because the glare from the sun hurts his eye even with sunglasses on. He can't see anything when we drive anywhere because he closes his eyes most of the drive because of the sun. I do understand that this is not what he wants for himself .. but it would be worse should they screw up the other eye and he's left totally blind.

He wants me to think about it.
I'm not sure there's much more thinking to do. If there is a lack of faith on my part, it's because he's putting his faith in the same people who blotched his left eye.

I have no problem beating a sick man.

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