Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter.

Today is the first day in 12 days that it hasn't rained. Friday gave us some hope and it was hot at the weekly rugby game, but the rain returned that night with a chilling vengeance.

School holidays began last Thursday. It's a time I dread.

Hastings doesn't have a movie theater anymore because the syndicate of investors called it quits.
It's winter so Splash Planet is closed til spring and gas is $2.19 a liter, which means, there will be children in and out of our house for the next two weeks.
Love them, hate school holidays.

Received a letter from the hospital saying Larry's surgery is placed at #3 on the urgency list, which is urgent. This is below #2 Very Urgent and #1 Near death urgent. We'll be waiting for 4 - 6 months before his surgery call up. He's on haemo until then, which means, we won't be going anywhere for a weekend getaway for another 4 - 6 months.
I'm ok with this because he needs dialysis, but he's going cabin crazy in Hawkes Bay.

Shots from the game this past weekend. Here's my cousin Everard setting up for the money play of the week .. an offload that I missed because his sister and wife, who were sitting in front of me, got overexcited and raised their umbrellas the closer the team got to the try line.

Dude in the gray on the sideline behind him is having a WTF moment.
We won 30-21 that day.

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