Sunday, April 1, 2012

General Conference

General Conference weekend and daylight savings.
I liked the hour long sleep in, but still didn't make it on time for sacrament meeting so I tuned in to general conference on the iPod and caught the last 2 talks. Richard G Scott was the final speaker of todays afternoon session, right before the MTC Choir ended conference with what sounded like a 6-part harmony of Praise to the Man. It was fantastic. I love music. I have always loved music. It takes my breath away.

He spoke about revelation and inspiration and by what means they may come to one. I was particularly interested when he said they may come in dreams by way of the spirit using imagery of loved ones.

Let me take you back to when Larry decided he didn't want to continue on with treatments, a day before he was scheduled to have his first tunnel line surgery in Auckland, the night we stayed up late crying and giving in to the fact that this was it and now we prepare for his death. After pleading with him to no avail, I emailed our doctors to let them know what he had decided on his own. It broke me to give up and tell them that he just wanted to die. We both cried ourselves to sleep that morning.

Then came the dream.
My family have several plots side by side in the local cemetery some 2kms up the road from our house here and that's where I found myself in my dream. Standing at our row of plots were 3 of my grandmothers sisters, all deceased, 2 of which raised me (and I've spoken of them before). They were wearing white, which is what they were all buried in. One aunty was cleaning the grave. One of the other two spoke first and recited words from my most favored song from the musical Carousel.

"Walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain"

Then the 3rd, Aunty Marva, said, "You know what you have to do", and ended it with the rest of the song.

"Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart.
And you'll never walk alone"

I woke up and immediately relayed it all to Larry incase I forgot it. It was the best dream I'd ever had .. even better than the one where Edward Cullen was real.

We all know how it ended :)
Happy April.

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