Thursday, April 26, 2012

Advice from a Pro.

I received some sound advice from a successful entrepanuer today regarding my Facebook Photo page after whining to him about how many likes I have. I didn't look at it before until he asked me why I require "Likes".
After we discussed a few things the result I got was, the purpose of the Likes is soley for ego. Compared to other photographers in the area, I'm near the lower level when it comes to the amount of Likes I have.

He broke the Likes down for me and said majority will be family. Some will be friends. Some will be from a ladder booster (Like my page I'll like yours). Then he said:

"Why get likes if they're all not in Hawkes Bay, which is the area you service? Why boost your like base with people who will most probably never pay you?".

Then he told me not to put all my eggs in the facebook basket and to depend on word of mouth and a full portfolio on a website.
Good advice.
Great advice.

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