Monday, March 26, 2012

Up North.

Let me tell you the story about our trip up north back in 2008.
We came home to NZ for christmas that year and had pre-planned a trip to Whangarei with my sister, her husband and Larrel. She had work benefits that included some accomodation hook ups. So off we went.
Somehow, our three day visit to Whangarei turned into a trip to "the bach", my bro-in-laws family beach bach.
I was outvoted and off we went for a day trip up and back again.

My sis and her side kick kept it hush hush for a reason. It was maybe 2 hours away from civilization. I had to park 10 minutes away from the actual bach and walk around 3 bays to get there. When we got there it was decided by everyone else that we were going to spend a few days.
No power.
No flushing toilet.
No shower.
On top of that, by the time I decided I was not staying there, it was high tide and the walk back to the car would have been a swim back to the car. Cherry on the top, the road we came in on was under water. I had to wait till low tide to go anywhere.

So I endured the two days and looking back on it now, nearly 4 years later, I liked it.
Bay of Islands area.

The bach. Our sea view room.


The bach. Alot has changed since we were last there.

At high tide, the water was maybe 10 feet away from the deck.

High Tide.

At night.

Fresh snapper for breakfast.

So .. I'll be ready to go back again this year.
Preferably without the busy bee crew alarm clock.

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