Monday, March 12, 2012

Re: Larry

Trying on his pants for church yesterday, we realized he doesn't fit them anymore. I haven't asked him his weight for a while (two months). He is weighed after every dialysis treatment and I assumed everything was balanced. This is not the case.

In order to keep his place on the transplant list, he needs to get down to the BMI that qualifies him. Too many sneaky PB&J sandwiches has not only increased his BMI, but made his pants smaller.

It's always been a problem trying to get him to stick with his strict fluid intake, but it's even harder trying to persuade him to keep off of foods that he really shouldn't be eating. In the few minutes that I head down the street a day, he obviously gets up to edible mischief. My family buying him McDonalds doesn't help either.

So I spent the morning, while he lay in slumber, planning out his meals and telling family members not to give him food behind my back. His only luxury take out will be pizza Tuesdays and his pizza will no longer be a meat lovers on double stuffed crust, but will be vegetarian on thin crust.

On to his eye.
The right one bled this week. He's been taking Resveratrol for it and prescribed eye drops. The stuff is so expensive here and a few times we've held off buying. His eyes have bled both times we didn't get more when he ran out. It takes a few days to clear up, but it eventually does.

Dialysis tomorrow.
The surgeon received a letter late last month requesting a new surgery from the Nephrologist. Now awaiting a surgery date.

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