Thursday, March 1, 2012

Master the Tempest is raging.

Reading through the newspaper archives for Hawkes Bay I came across a story I had been following for a few years. The story of an Indian family seeking residency after the parents had overstayed for 8 years. They have three children who are apparently NZ citizens. Residency is only given, under the family quota and in their particular situation, based on one parent being a citizen. They do not qualify.

In 2010 they were issued an extended visa to prepare an appeal. Last month marked the end of that reprieve and today is day 29 of 42 to lodge an appeal. Speaking from experience, if they haven't done it already, they're in big trouble.

There are humanitarian grounds they can use, but I'm not sure how much homework they've done.

I got a phone call from a cousin a few weeks ago asking who I went to and what I did right to get Larry residency. Two of the families children are in my cousins twins class at school and she had spoken with the distraught father who told her they'd run out of options. Unfortunately at the request of the powers-that-be, the specifics of Larrys granted residency are hush, but I stuck to my guns with his application and fought to the very end and that helped.

It's a sad story, but I think the biggest thing they have against them is that they broke the law by overstaying for 8 years. Not knowing how I could help, I went to the Immigration Protection & Tribunal website to search for anything helpful and found our denied appeal. We received this decision 2 days after residency was granted.

Speaking of tempests ....

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