Friday, March 30, 2012

Last week of March

What a week.
Larry's eye bled enough to make an appointment with the Opthamologist. In public health that means we'll be waiting 2 weeks before we see someone. In the meantime, his eye slowly continues to bleed. I don't know what it is, but it causes him some distress not being able to see anything.

Then his computer blew up. The fan in the power thingy isn't spinning anymore and the dust build up on the CPU tells a story of neglect. Not that important ...

I did a shoot yesterday with the most perfect kids I have ever met. They very well may have got death threats from their parents before arriving to the shoot, but they were angelic and everything nice about children. I need more clients like them.

Decided to give maternity shoots a miss. It's just not my niche and you really do need to be interested somewhat in what you shoot. What more can you do with a pregnant belly that someone else hasn't already done? That's how I felt. Creative skips me when it comes to belly & newborn shots. Anne Geddes already did everything.  I'll leave it for every other photographer here.

I have a photography project up my sleeve. It's big, it's senstive and it's ten shades of fantastic. More on that later, but I have to personally thank two Midwives-in-the-making Jessie, Sonia and Facebook for helping me with the name.

Daylight savings this weekend. Fall back.

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