Friday, March 23, 2012

13/47 - Calabacitas & Re: Larry

MIL's Calabacitas recipe.
We could not find summer squash so used mushrooms.

Larry loved it.
My mum loved it.
I've been sick all week so only apples appease, but I do wish you all could smell the aroma in my kitchen tonight.

Re: Larry
Eye bled yesterday. He spent alot of time at his computer researching something. This could be why it bled. When it happens it gets him pretty distressed. His vision pretty much goes each time it happens and clouds his vision enough where he needs assistance moving around the place.

Dialysis is taking it's toll on him, but it's also keeping him alive.
No word back on a surgery date yet, but a dialysis friend he hadn't seen in a while just had his fistula installed so he's on haemo for the long run.

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El Dee said...

Huge good wishes for Larry!!

The Calabacitas looks *amazing*... you should consider posting the recipe or linking to one that is close. ;)