Thursday, March 8, 2012

11/47 - Sushi

My birthday was ok.
Two kids, one who should have been at school, got on my nerves most of the day.
Lucky I love them.

I was reluctant about making sushi. I've had some pretty fantastic sushi in the USA and I wasn't ready to dissapoint. The technique is quite simple when you have the sushi essentials.

The Alaskan roll.

The deep fried Alaskan Roll with a sriracha kick is known as The 76 Roll at our favourite sushi restaurant in Palmdale, CA.

The California Roll minus the avocado (immitation crab & sauce).

Sake Nigiri.

With shrimp tempura & sashimi.

... we'll be having 2-minute noodles for the rest of the week.

I love turning the same age every year .. 21 for the 12th time.

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